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Jilly discusses her background in education before the puppets arrived. She's always worked with children throughout Westchester County.



How did you get started in the puppet biz?
In 2007, my little brother asked me to write a puppet show for his wedding. I wrote that first puppet show in the middle of the night while my baby slept, and performed it to an enthusiastic crowd of children, young adults, grandparents, great aunts and everything in between. When I looked out into that first audience and saw my brother howling with laugher, I was hooked!  I have been writing, creating and performing original, imaginative, love-filled puppet shows ever since!

What kind of puppets do you use?
My puppets characters are created with up-cycled and recycled materials. I build the puppets with the intention that children will love and smoosh and hug them until they are totally worn out with playful, interactive fun and connection! I construct animals, all kinds of people with all shades of skin, backgrounds and abilities, whimsical fantasy creatures, everyday objects...

What's the vibe of your show?
Jilly Puppets incorporates concepts of inclusivity and open-mindedness, creativity and storytelling, world dance and music exploration, holidays, language acquisition, and good, old-fashioned creative play. My shows are an opportunity for us all to explore the world with a playful, loving, lens.

What's your educational background, and what else are you up to?
I hold a Master's Degree in Education, and a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology.  I studied Dance Education at the Dance Education Laboratory: Harkness Dance Center 92nd St YMCA.

In addition to running my early childhood programs, I am a Teaching Artist for SUNY Purchase's Performing Arts Center and the Educational Director for Hebrew Congregation of Somers.

How much does a Jilly Puppets show cost?
Let's chat and figure out a good fee that will work for us!  

914 512 7672 or email me: