Using art to transform, uplift, uniteā€¦

"Jill is not only an artist in practice, but one who lives and breathes art in every aspect of her life.  She is genuine in her passion for making the world a more beautiful place, and I have been touched equally by her art on the stage as I have by her work in the classroom.  Her art is a means to connect, to open doors, to challenge and engage.  She limits herself not to one narrow focus, but rather embraces world music, world philosophies, uniting her skill with multiple art forms to create bridges and draw connections in our society that seems to only divide. 

She brings dance, puppets, art, and theater together, and can comfortably tap into any of her diverse skills as needed for the job.  She is a person always learning, always growing, searching for new ways to express, to connect, to transform."

- Anna Povich de Mayor,
Folklore Urbano NYC managing director and flutist
Tarrytown Arts Camp director