“Jilly of Jilly Puppets has the infectious, positive energy of five-year-old combined with the fluid movement of a tigress and the creativity of a garden of flowers perpetually blooming. She channels all this into her many puppets, bringing them to life in a way that fills the stage completely, even though she's the only human in sight. A joy to behold!”
- Skye Leith, puppeteer and founder of Cirkus Fiasco

“Watching Jill Liflander lead and engage a room of children is like no other magic I've seen. Jill brings her inimitable spirit, enthusiasm, warmth and endless positive energy to her classes and performances, creating meaningful shared cultural experiences that impact how children see the world. It is an honor to have Jill teach at Tarrytown Arts Camp, where she embraced the weekly cultural themes and introduced multicultural music, dance, language and storytelling in utterly unique ways.  It was incredibly uplifting to witness the pure joy she brings to children, using her natural gifts as a dancer, storyteller, puppeteer and educator.”

~Elly Weisenberg Kelly, Assistant Camp Director, Tarrytown Arts Camp

 "Jill is an energetic performer whose upbeat, engaging style is infectious! Her puppet shows encourage children to move, sing, and
laugh… the very activities that children love to do, but that too often get pushed aside in our busy world. Jill always draws a big crowd when she performs at our Nature Center, and she works hard to tie in seasonal themes that reinforce our mission to connect people to nature. Plus, she’s just so much fun!"
- Sara Cashen, Assistant Managing Director, Greenburgh Nature Center

”Jilly Puppets rocks!  Her puppetry expresses a deep commitment to entertaining and educating young children - a noble pursuit.  I love how she weaves in creativity and silliness with a message.  Go Jilly Puppets!”
- Jeffrey Friedberg, founder of The Bossy Frog Band

“Jill's puppetry is magical.  Watch her vibrant, colorful, handmade puppets come to life. This show is not for kids only! It's impossible not to let your mind wander as this artist creates a welcoming world to let your imagination explore and become part of the intriguing performance. We can view and appreciate creativity, and precision in movement at its best. This was an invitation I took at being a kid again!”
- Kathleen McCarthy, Theater Artist and Founder of McCarthy Arts